Half Marathon Training Program For Beginner

Half Marathon training program for beginner

Some runners arrange plans to conquer the half marathon training program, but many are not sure Have enough preparation for training. For many people, or even beginner runners, three months is enough to prepare for the half marathon. But, it all depends on your body fitness, running experience and your goals for the race.

For runners who are familiar with the half marathon, 6 weeks is sufficient for a race prepared. If you want to conquer PB, it takes several weeks for special training.

You must be sure that the ability to run far away cannot be obtained instantly. If you have not tried the half marathon before, you need at least 12 to 14 weeks of practice. Depend on your starting point. It must be noted, doing exercises safely and gradually can avoid injury, and the risk of sunburn.

If in the past few months you are used to running or walking in a shorter race distance like 5 K, chances are you are better prepared for a half marathon.

What is committed to time?

Half Marathon Training Program for Beginner

This is a time commitment to a half marathon exercise, based on your starting point.

For beginner running program

If you have never run a half marathon and you are currently running below 10 K every week, then to reach half marathon takes 12 to 14 weeks.

You should plan exercises at least three times a week for the beginning of the exercise. And increase 4 times a week if you want to get an increase in training.

You should also combine cross-training exercises in one or two days, to help increase physical endurance and reduce the chance of injury. For evaluation, weekly, that you will reach the highest performance at 3, 4, or five weeks before the race.

Two weeks before the half marathon, you will begin to reduce mileage

The following is a training chart for the half marathon

Marathon runs / running schedule:

Just follow this 12 week half marathon training schedule and you will conquer marathon finish line. You also have to take 8-10 miles a week to start this training program.

Half marathon training schedule for beginner runners

This 12-week schedule is made for a beginner to be able to complete the half marathon. You have to have a base distance of 8 -10mill a week to be able to start this exercise.

The first half marathon training schedule

If the training schedule for beginners is easy for you, you should try an advanced beginner program. This program is aimed at runners who can run 4 miles in the last 4-5 weeks.

Intermediate and Advanced Runners


If you are an experienced runner, within 6 10 weeks of training, you are ready for the race half marathon. You can plan a workout like this, 4-5 days a week, and interspersed 1-2 days by cycling or swimming.

You can start after one week of this program, when there is a stable mileage

Schedule three days a week for the half marathon: If you only have a little time to practice, a 16-week training program might suit you. This exercise is based on the target toga per week; running, running, and long-run runs.

Intermediate Half Marathon Exercise Schedule: This 12-week program for a half marathon is made for intermediate runners, who are used to running for 30-60 minutes, at least 4 times a week.

Half marathon Advanced training: This 12-week training program for the half marathon is designed for experienced runners, who are used to running 8 miles comfortably.

Half Marathon is a fun type of race that can be followed by all types of runners. What is sought in the half marathon is not only how to conquer distance, but also to know their endurances.

Unlike Marathon, which requires intense and intensive training even for experienced athletes, half marathon has a diverse preparation training system. Where these types of exercises allow us to choose half marathon preparation.

To be able to reach 13.1 miles is very necessary strong determination, especially if we have never run before. The most effective way to conquer the first 13 miles is to run slowly and gradually, this can improve body fitness, minimize the possibility of injury and fatigue.

The first weeks, you can start practicing running with a target range of 3-6 miles. Don’t be more than that unless you feel comfortable and used.

Your current training is as important as your previous running exercises. But there are additions, add interval training with 30 seconds of fast running, and 6o seconds of jogging. This will have a positive impact on the lungs and strengthen your legs.

Improve your practice as The Boston Half Marathon

After walking for two weeks, you should be comfortable and familiar with your exercise rhythm. Hopefully, you also begin to vary your running practice with a few sprints and cross country between your training manuals

In the fourth or fifth week, you don’t need to increase the distance too much. Improved training results will come along with the increasing pace you use. For example, run 2 miles slow, 1 mile fast and then 2 miles slow. Variations in training at short speeds like this will be more effective at giving you results in the following week.

Other variations of exercise are, you can do a long run on a weekend. Running 8-10 miles with light speed will give your feet an introduction as well as increase stamina. Combining 5 -6 miles daily training and weekend training 8-10 miles will greatly benefit you. And approaching race day, if you can manage your training well, you can definitely take part in the race casually.

Now you should start thinking of techniques to improve your practice. Begin to introduce hilly routes. And make sure you start speeding up; this is to build your leg strength. And don’t forget to start this training session lightly, 5-6 miles.


Half Marathon Training Program

You should again look to increase the intensity of your training. Start introducing running routes with hills and make sure you add a burst of speed to the hills to build your new strength in your feet. Be sure to start the week easily, say 5-6 miles.

When practicing, try doing a run of about 30 seconds with a maximum pace, this will increase your pace which will be useful for the half marathon. More often for long runs on weekends, say 10-12 miles from now. But, approaching the race, do not try to do a long run; this will not be useful for you, just the opposite. You will be exhausted.

At the beginning of the week before the race, run by using the race pace 1 – 2 miles, or maybe 3- 4 miles using a race bag, to ensure that everything will be comfortable to wear during the race. Besides that, keep enough rest, pay attention to food intake and prepare yourself for this event. Good luck and be sure you can get through it!

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